Definition Of Promotion And Promotion Mix In Marketing

Promotion is a communication activity that companies use to create awareness of potential customers about the company, its products, services, and brands with the aim of generating sales and creating brand loyalty.

In other words, marketers use this promotion to influence potential buyers to buy the goods or services they offer. This promotional information can be either verbal or visual.

Promotion is one of the elements of the marketing mix, namely Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. This promotion can generally be in the form of advertisements, press releases, giving discounts, competitions, sponsorships, or giving additional bonuses and others.

The main purpose of promotion is to provide information, remind (reminder) and influence (persuasively) prospective buyers or customers (consumers) in order to increase sales of products and companies’s services that carry out the promotion.

Definition of Promotion according to Experts

The following below are some definitions of promotion according to the experts.

  • The definition of promotion according to Kotler and Armstrong (2014: 77), Promotion is an activity that communicates product excellence and persuades customers to buy that product.
  • Definition of Promotion according to Gitosudarmo (2000: 237), Promotion is an activity aimed at influencing consumers so that they can become familiar with the products offered by the company to them and then they become happy and then buy the product.
  • According to Nickels in Swastha & Irawan (2008: 349), Promotion is a one-way flow of information or persuasion designed to direct a person or organization to actions that create exchanges in marketing
  • Definition of Promotion according to Rangkuti (2009: 49), Promotion is one of the elements in the company’s marketing mix that is used to inform, persuade, and remind about the company’s products.

Promotion Mix

What is meant by Promotion Mix is a combination of several promotional tools used by companies or marketers to increase demand for goods and services. This Promotion Mix is ​​basically an integration of 4 Types of Promotion Activities, namely Advertising, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling or Face-to-Face Selling, and Public Relations.

The following is a brief explanation of the four types of promotional activities which are usually referred to as the Promotion Mix.

1. Advertising

Advertising means advertising a product, service, or company with the help of certain media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, billboards or social media. This advertising helps in spreading awareness about a particular company or product and services.

Advertising is communicated through various mass media such as traditional media such as brochures, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor or indoor advertisements as well as letters addressed to prospective buyers. Besides traditional media, there are new media which are currently very popular to be used as a medium for advertising such as search results, blogs, social media, websites, or text messages.

2. Sales Promotion

Sales promotion uses media and non-media marketing communications for a predetermined limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or increase product availability.

Sales Promotion usually uses short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of products or services. Examples of such incentives can be in the form of free samples, discounts, shopping coupons, cashback (prize money), and bonuses. With this Sales Promotion, the company focuses on increasing short-term profits by attracting more old customers as well as new customers.

3. Personal Selling or Face-to-Face Sales

Personal Selling is one of the traditional promotional tools in which sellers will interact directly with customers by visiting their customers or prospective customers with the aim of influencing consumers or potential customers to buy their products or services.

With this promotional method, the Company will send their agents to consumers to sell products privately. Here, there will be immediate feedback and can also build customer trust in their company, brand, and products or services.

4. Public Relations

Public relations is the practice of managing the dissemination of information between individuals or organizations (such as businesses, government agencies, or non-profit organizations) and the public.

A successful public relations campaign can really benefit an organization’s branding as it can build a positive image of a company or brand.

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